Useful Links

Non-profit Guides
A grant-writing guide for non-profit organizations.

The Massachusetts Historical Society: M.S.P.A. Records Collection
An online guide to the M.H.S. collection of M.S.P.A. papers. These include: "correspondence, financial records, membership and trustee records, committee reports, petitions for premiums, records of awards, 150th anniversary materials, records of charitable contributions, Middlesex Agricultural Society papers (1819-1873), and Middlesex Society of Husbandmen and Manufacturers papers (1819-1850)."

The Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture
The Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture was organized February 11, 1785 by a group of twenty-three farmers, merchants and professional people for the purpose of exchanging crop and animal production information among members and with other regional agricultural societies.

Grant Recipients

Links to the web sites of organizations and projects that have received M.S.P.A. grants are located on our Past Recipients page.

If your organization has received an M.S.P.A. grant and you would like us to add a link to your web site please contact us with your url and information.