Grant Recipients

Over the last several years, the Society has been fortunate to have been able to be the catalyst which has brought a number of exciting and innovative projects to market which otherwise might have withered on the vine.

MA Fruit Growers Association
M.S.P.A. funding supported the exceptionally important work at UMASS which developed the now famous Integrated Pest Management program that has reduced the use of pesticides in so many crops (especially apples).

Flats Mentor Farm
A grant allowed a group of entry-level immigrant farmers to buy equipment to insure their success in their fields and at farmer’s markets thus providing a steady income and role-modeling for upwards of forty families.

Southeast MA Agricultural Partnership
A grant produced a B2B network which has enabled small producers in the region to work together to reach restaurants and schools thus creating new markets which were theretofore unreachable.

Communities Involved in Supporting Agriculture (CISA)
A grant produced a regional farm products guide and technical training assistance to small farmers in western MA.

Pilgrim Resource and Development Council
A grant produced the handbooks and training CD that has been the technical and informational basis for the formation of over 130 agricultural commissions across the state.

The Food Project

Cape Cod Cranberries

MA 4H Foundation

MA Agriculture in the Classroom

MA Farm Wineries & Growers Association

MA Nursery and Landscape & Landscape Association

Essex County Buy Local

MA Maple Producers Association

The various grantees have used the Society’s generosity to leverage other monies, develop markets, improve outreach, education and competencies and to insure continuity in all sectors of the MA agricultural economy.

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Do You Need Funding?

The M.S.P.A. provides grants (and, on occasion, loans and investment funding) to enterprises which, in the judgement of the Trustees of the Society, will promote agriculture in Massachusetts.

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